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I’m going to get real & raw with you! In order to understand my mission, you have to understand where I came from and the foundation of why I started a woman’s clothing store.

Life was Perfect

I was always the confident girl. Outgoing, Bubbly personality if you will. I dreamed of meeting my husband & having babies while we did life together. It was all going amazing, met my High School Sweetheart, we got married, moved to Indianapolis for our honeymoon stage while we pursued our careers. We loved the way life was unfolding for us. Then we found out we were expecting, we were extremely excited. This little boy lit up our world and we haven’t even met him yet. Long story short, this effected our careers. The hubby and I moved to Iowa married, expecting & jobless. Little did I know my whole life was about to change even more. I gained ALOT of weight during my pregnancy, everyone was telling me, “oh you’ll bounce back.. you were tiny before!” That was so far from the truth for me. 

Anywho, they don’t tell you how pregnancy can effect you emotionally. As a new mom, I became incredibly insecure, postpartum depression symptoms, & my anxiety grew by the day. I was not happy with my new body. In fact, I tried multiple weightloss products, working out, liking for the quickest way to get Geralyn back. I went through a lot emotionally.

I dug down deep. When was I at my happiest?! What still makes me happy?! What can I do today that will make me the best version of myself?!

CLOTHING!! I love a fresh outfit! It’s a way I could look and feel my best without taking a pill and wishing it was different than the others. I’ve always had a passion for clothing.

Then Something Changed

I made the decision to start putting myself first. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own store. Little did I know, I had to create that vision from scratch. I have the BEST support team behind me I call family & friends. I get to hand pick items that are the latest trends and bring them to you all to spread that confidence even further.

My Vision

My goal is to make every woman embrace their current bodies. If you don’t like your current body, you can change it. Clothe yourself in something that makes you feel confident. Clothe yourself in something that compliments you. Clothe yourself in something noteworthy. For when you buy an item of clothing, it could transform the person you become. We all walk a little taller when feel good! Now go make yourself look good and treat yo’self!

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  • Mary Jo on

    This is so neat. I love being able to get to know the owner of this store and support such a strong little lady like yourself. Keep up the good work.

  • Jenny on

    You’re so inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  • meghan on

    You look amazing. Proud of you!

  • Sam on

    Great Job! You look so good! Keep it up!

  • jackie on

    Love the black top!

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